USB to ExpressUSB Converter

产品型号: FG-AXPU-V1-1U1X



This USB to ExpressUSB converter converts USB interface to ExpressCard slot for USB-Based ExpressCard devices. It allows all kinds of USB-Based ExpressCard devices to be used on laptop or desktop PC on which ExpressCard expansion slot is not available. Example of USB-Based ExpressCard devices include:

Memory card reader (CF, MS, SD, etc)
Legacy I/O adapter (PS/2, Serial, Parallel Port)
TV Tuners
Wireless LAN (WiFi) adapter
Wireless WAN / Wireless Broadband Internet (G3, CDMA, ECDO, GPRS, UMTS, etc) adapter

功能参数 & Specification

Complies with USB 2.0 Specifications.
Supports data transfer rates of High-Speed (480Mbps), Full-Speed (12Mbps) and Low-Speed (1.5Mbps).
Supports Plug & Play and Hot-Plug features, allowing you to connect or detach device without the need to switch off the laptop or desktop PC.
USB (Type-A Male) Host interface for connecting to laptop or desktop PC.
Supports all USB-Based ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 devices.
No external power required. Draw power directly from the USB port for USB-Based ExpressCard device consuming less than 500mA.
Optional DC +5V Power Jack is also available if extra power is required. (AC-to-DC 5V power adapter not included)
Built-in LED indicators for Power and Card Inserted
Driverless - This converter is transparent to operating system. Only the driver for the USB-Based ExpressCard device is required.


This product does not support ExpressCard device using PCI-Express signal


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